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equine heritage institute shaping civilizations the - shaping civilizations the role of the horse in human societies what is history we are told that history is acts ideas or events that will or can shape the course of the future, nanzan institute for religion and culture - the nanzan institute for religion and culture was founded in 1976 and incorporated into nanzan university in 1979 through its symposia colloquia research projects and a wide array of publications the community of scholars that make up the institute is dedicated to promoting dialogue among religions philosophies and cultures east and west, u s naval institute - our mission provide an independent forum for those who dare to read think speak and write to advance the professional literary and scientific understanding of sea power and other issues critical to global security, the woodentops tv series wikipedia - the woodentops is a children s television series first shown on bbc television in 1955 created by freda lingstrom and maria bird it featured on the friday edition of watch with mother and regularly repeated until 1973 the main characters are the members of a middle class family living on a farm the aim of the programme was to teach pre school children about family life, the trouble with teeth george washington s mount vernon - plan your visit discover the home of george and martha washington open 365 days a year mount vernon is located just 15 miles south of washington dc, passive house passivhaus institut - the passive house institute phi is an independent research institute that has played an especially crucial role in the development of the passive house concept the only internationally recognised performance based energy standard in construction, oldest wooden statue in the world the 11 000 year old - oldest wooden art in the world the shigir idol has been radiocarbon dated to 7 500 b c by the institute of the history for the material culture in st petersburg and institute of geology in moscow making it the oldest art of its type in the world, mobiliary art definition characteristics types examples - shigir idol c 7 500 bce head and chest yekaterinburg museum russia mobiliary art from the mesolithic era this thin 8 feet tall sculpture is the, reflections the war horse - the war horse is an award winning nonprofit newsroom focused on the departments of defense and veterans affairs, deborah grace the horse in the civil war reilly s battery - although few people realize it the horse was the backbone of the civil war horses moved guns and ambulances carried generals and messages and usually gave all they had, the conservation register search for a specialism - advice archaeology art artistic assess collection care ceramic chair china christening gown collection care management conservation conservator, fark com geek links - if you can read this either the style sheet didn t load or you have an older browser that doesn t support style sheets try clearing your browser cache and refreshing the page, more frequently and infrequently asked questions about - stereograph viewing when i was a kid my dad who was a physician showed me one fascinating way to view stereographic images a pair of pictures that simulate the distance between your two eyes the examples we used were three dimensional depictions of molecules but it works with any stereo image