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knots molecules and the universe an introduction to - this book is an elementary introduction to geometric topology and its applications to chemistry molecular biology and cosmology it does not assume any mathematical or scientific background sophistication or even motivation to study mathematics, topological data analysis wikipedia - in applied mathematics topological data analysis tda is an approach to the analysis of datasets using techniques from topology extraction of information from datasets that are high dimensional incomplete and noisy is generally challenging tda provides a general framework to analyze such data in a manner that is insensitive to the particular metric chosen and provides dimensionality, water structure science references 1101 1200 - s j hawkes strategic consequences from errors in raoult s law paper journal of chemical education 73 1996 41 b ack k takaizumi a curious phenomenon in the freezing thawing process of aqueous ethanol solution j solution chemistry 34 2005 597 612 b ack 2 3 g d fullerton k m kanal and i l cameron osmotically unresponsive water fraction on proteins non ideal osmotic, brett paull profiles university of tasmania - professor brett paull is a university of plymouth uk b sc hons ph d and d sc graduate and a fellow of the royal society of chemistry, how to select or skip to the next row if meets certain - thanks for the help if i use either of the queries you provided rows 1 4 and 10 are returned but not row 6 this may be due to my not explaining that portion of the request well and adding in a note instead of editing my question, current and upcoming workshops and conferences fields - the fields institute is a centre for mathematical research activity a place where mathematicians from canada and abroad from academia business industry and financial institutions can come together to carry out research and formulate problems of mutual interest, ut dallas coursebook guided search ut dallas class - ut dallas coursebook is an advanced tool for obtaining information about classes at the university of texas at dallas utd lookup course and catalog information class syllabi syllabus course evaluations instructor evaluations and submit syllabus files from a single central location, majors minors hillsdale college - 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is it possible to grab data from two tables that have the same fields into one view basically so the view sees the data as if it was one table, how to sum a range of cells with n a values super user - stack exchange network consists of 174 q a communities including stack overflow the largest most trusted online community for developers to learn share their knowledge and build their careers visit stack exchange, mathematics mathematics in the 20th and 21st centuries - mathematics mathematics in the 20th and 21st centuries all of these debates came together through the pioneering work of the german mathematician georg cantor on the concept of a set cantor had begun work in this area because of his interest in riemann s theory of trigonometric series but the problem of what characterized the set of all real numbers came to occupy him more and more, openfoam 6 released openfoam foundation openfoam - openfoam version 6 provides improved usability robustness and extensibility and new developments for conjugate heat transfer rotating sliding geometries particle tracking reacting multiphase flows chemistry combustion water waves films turbulence thermophysics and atmospheric flows, windows 7 logon avoid clicking user icon super user - 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